Things have changed a bit…

Today’s post is sponsored by my good buddy travelling minion who i got in Dubai and is currently smashing in my brew…


So my thoughts today are centred around a discussion i was reading earlier on a student forum. If anyone is interested in the website then let me know!

I had posted a thread asking advice about re-doing my maths (see previous post!) and whilst i was waiting for a reply i thought i’d take a little nosey through the rest of the forum. First off i have to say it is quite a useful and informative forum, what with various threads ranging from everything from specific school/college/university courses, grades, employment ideas to family, friends, health and fitness, relationship, sexual health and a myriad of other different topics of conversation. All very useful indeed, pity we didn’t have this when i was at school!

So the thing that caught my eye was…a poster (high school i believe) mentioned something along the lines of doing homework about a certain subject but having problems with a specific question and they had no idea around this. A few folk commented with answers/explanations, use google etc but then someone else then suggested ‘just send your teacher a message on facebook or a text’…

‘Message your teacher on facebook or send a text?’

What the actual Faaaaargh???


Right folks i know a lot of stuff has changed since i left the hallowed halls of my high school but am i reading this correctly?

I then further perused the forum and found that nowadays it’s appears normal to have a teachers email, mobile number or even as a ‘friend’ on FaceBook.


I just don’t understand this, since when did this become normal? Yes i am aware that a lot of today’s high school kids have grown up with social media as a staple in their life but seriously why would you add your teacher on facebook or even have their number?

I know social media has taken over a lot of our lives but i genuinely believe there should still remain certain boundaries between students and teachers. A lot of folk were saying they had their teachers contact details incase they had problems with the subject or didn’t understand something in class etc

I’m sitting here thinking ‘Well if you are struggling with something in the class then wouldn’t it be best to ask your teacher for help right then and there? Seriously if i was a teacher i would be pissed off if one of my students messaged me out of hours, i know teachers put a lot of time in on evenings and weekends to mark and prepare for their classes so i would have thought that ‘home’ time for them would be pretty damn precious. Also if you are having personal problems that you don’t want others to know about then wait till after class and talk to your teacher in confidence, it’s not that difficult.

Another thing worth noting is that if you have access to social media then you obviously have access to other wonderful sources of information: Google, YouTube etc etc There is also the possibility of messaging your friends or even asking members of your family.

Now chances are there may be one or two of you reading this that disagree with me or even  are/were a student that had a teacher as a friend on Facebook, i’m not saying that it’s right or wrong just that it is something i don’t quite get, (maybe i am just an old git and should get with the times? …meh) Maybe it is a valuable resource for today’s students, i don’t know, i personally believe though that if i was at school now then i certainly wouldn’t be texting or messaging on facebook.

It was cringey enough speaking face to face! 🙂


On that note

Off for a brew…








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