My 3

So for this post i thought i would give you an insight into what makes me…me!

With a list of my top 3 anythings, hopefully this will let you get to know me better and what makes me tick, enjoy 🙂



Top 3 things little Nic wanted to be when she grew up:

  1. Book writer (i was too young to know that the proper title was author haha) – I loved the idea of making stories and drawing the pictures in the books. I actually still love that idea.
  2. Athlete – I grew up watching my dad compete in marathons and other running events, (he was good!) so i always thought i could follow his footsteps into the World of sports (i didn’t! haha) i can run but nowhere near his level.
  3. Something to do with Dinosaurs – I like to believe that (most?) little kids had some sort of fascination with dinosaurs like i did. Once again i was too young to know the proper name for it but i wanted to do something that involved digging up and learning about the Dinos. I actually still love Dinosaurs to this day, Triceratops is my favourite! 🙂




Top 3 places i have travelled to:


  1. Antarctica – What more needs to said about the greatest continent on Earth? Not only did i get to visit all three of the important Huts (Shackleton’s main hut, Discovery Hut and Scott’s Hut) but i actually got to go inside them. I got to see the Ross ice shelf, visited Rothera and McMurdo research bases (plus a whole load of other foreign ones), i got to not only visit Deception Island but a small team of us got to camp out overnight with the leopard seals all around our camp. Once the sun actually went down and the sky cleared we could look up and see the milky way so clearly, it truly was one of those once in a lifetime moments when you realise just how small we really are in this universe of ours. I know i’ve rambled on quite a bit about Antarctica but i can honestly say, hand on heart that it has forever cemented itself a place in my heart and soul as my favourite place on Earth, it’s not just about the scenery, (although it is incredible!) it’s also the magic of the epic tales of true courage and survival by the likes of Shackleton and Scott’s teams back in the olden days of pure and dangerous exploration.
  2. New York –  A place my folks and i have loved for years, my mum mainly because she watched ‘Home Alone 2 Lost in New York’ too many times! I love the way the City is just constantly on the go, the history especially Ellis Island (You will find that i am a true geeky tourist at heart!) I love going around a new City and exploring museums, churches, parks, anything and everything! I believe that if you are gonna spend all that time and money traveling somewhere then you should make it worthwhile and learn the history of that place, learn about the people, make the most of every opportunity you can get!
  3. New Zealand – Now this one is important for a very special reason. New Zealand is one of those places that i had never had any real interest in visiting! Yep that’s right, everyone has those places that they’re not fussed about going and for me it was the land of the Kiwis. I never had any real reason for not wanting to go, it wasn’t that i didn’t want to go it was just i did not have any interest in the place. Well, as it turns out…i bloody love it! I went there with the Navy on the same trip that took me to Antarctica, we had to go there as it was a planned stop after a month or so down the ice so i thought ‘meh, it’s free  and it’s another tick off the list so i’m not complaining’. When the ship first arrived in Lyttleton port we were given a traditional Maori welcome, a Powhiri from some of the local folk. After that i just did my usual delve right into the local culture and exploration of the surrounding area as well as travelling to Christchurch and i gotta say they are some of the friendliest people i have ever met! I learned a lot about Maori culture as well as Christchurch’s history and how they have rebuilt themselves after the earthquake, much respect to them for how they have rebuilt their city.




Top 3 Fears:

  1. Death – Yep i know a lot of you are thinking ‘There’s nothing you can do to stop it so why worry?’ or ‘It’s just a natural process of life’ or possible even ‘When you’re dead you’re dead, you can’t feel anything and you wont know you’re dead because you have ceased to exist’. Yes, i have heard all of these things and yes i know it is just the natural order of life, we’re born, we live and we die and that is how it has been since time immemorial, however! That does not mean i have to like it! I guess it’s the whole not knowing what happens when we die that scares me, i hope that it’s not just a simple case of ‘cease to exist’ and become nothing as the thought of that seems almost too much to comprehend. I’d like to believe our souls carry on to another place, for the record i do not believe in God, but i do believe that this ‘thing’ we call a soul must be more powerful than to simply die when our meaty shells are withered and gone.
  2. Losing my loved ones – I suppose this ties in with my number 1 fear. I guess this is also something that most folk would rate as a top fear, losing a parent, child, sibling, friend, partner etc Quite morbid i know but this is the sort of stuff i dread.
  3. Spiders – They are just c**ts!




Top 3 wishes:

  1. Immortality – Partly due to fear #1 but also due to the fact that i am genuinely interested in how civilisation as a whole will evolve and change in the future. What technology will mankind create? How far into space will we travel? Will we ever inhabit other planets? Will we ever meet or find true unprecedented evidence of life out there in space? These are all questions i would love to know the answer to. If i was immortal i would also be able to travel every inch of this planet and see everything i had ever wanted to see, experience everything i had ever wanted to experience, learn new things, meet new cultures, there is just so much to see and do on our small planet but just never enough
  2. That all my friends and family lived in the same place – I live in Scotland but due to my time in the Navy, i made friends from all over the UK. My best mate lives down in Cornwall (South West England) along with several other very good friends, i have buddies in London from when i was based there in 2009, friends in Portsmouth where i served for several years (some navy some civilian) and all the rest scattered all over the country. When i left the Navy i decided to return to my home town as i wanted to be closer to my family, the only downside to this is that i am so far away from all my friends i made over the last 13 years that i have to make plans to travel to go see them when i can. A simple pop down the road and around the corner to visit and have a brew is just not possible.
  3. To go back in time to when i started school – This might seem strange, why would i want to go back and do school all over again? Well i suppose it’s because i know it would be completely different. I would love to go back as a kid just starting school with all the knowledge and hindsight that my life experience has given me so far. I don’t believe it would alter my career choices at all, i would still have joined the Navy etc but i know that my attitude would be different. All through school i was an incredibly shy kid that never spoke up for myself and at high school got picked on because i never stood up for myself. My grades weren’t bad per se but i know i could have done so much better! So if i ever got the chance to go back i would throw myself into my studies and get the grades i know i’m capable of, i would talk back, take less of the crap and probably knock out the folk that tried to pick on me (this is the Navy side of me coming out!) I would have just worried less about the stupid trivial crap that teenagers worry about at school and just concentrated on my studies and exams. But hey, hindsight is after all…a wonderful thing!




To be continued – My 3 part 2!

Off for a brew…



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