Catch up and wisdom

Hey folks,

Apologies for being a bit lax with the posts recently, it’s been quite a busy end of the year i’ll tell you!

As most of you will know i left the Navy in September so i’ve had quite a few things to do since then.

First off i applied for my ideal job (Ambulance Technician) as soon as i left the Navy but found out recently that i have to improve my Math grade before i can continue, forcing me  to look for a course at the local college which i will be enrolling for in January…great… :-/

Luckily the course is distance learning meaning i can study at home and i would only be required to pop into college once in a while to sit an exam when needed. This is perfect as it will allow me to work full time whilst getting this grade sorted out!

Speaking of work…i had one of those random moments a month or so ago whilst trawling through the local job website. I had spent countless evenings looking through all the normal ‘easy to apply for/minimum wage/less technical’ jobs, just to see if there was anything job i could do temporarily till i was able to go for the ambulance service again.

So i came across this advert for a clinical photographer in the local hospital and it sounded ok, the main bonus to it was the wages! They were actually pretty descent! The only real issue was the entry requirements…you needed to have a university level photography qualification…bugger! Now my phot qualification i got through the Navy is equivalent to a university photography degree, the only thing is that it is not an ‘actual’ university degree.

As you can imagine my heart slumped massively reading through this advert, i had already began getting excited and planning on responding to the advert so having read the entry requirements i thought ‘what’s the point? they wont be interested as soon as they see i’ve never been to university 😦

However i had a massive ‘ah fuck it why not?’ moment and went ahead and applied anyway.

I got offered an interview…i near shit myself when i read the email!

So i got dressed up in my Sunday best and went long for my interview. Sat outside the office waiting my turn, i knew they were interviewing others as well and that i was maybe the third person in. The guy that was being interviewed before me came out of the office at the end, he had a suit on…bugger he looked way too professional, like he knew what the hell he was doing.

Then my turn.

It went well, the two folk interviewing me were really nice, asked loads of questions, nothing i couldn’t handle. Got shown photographs of the types of stuff i’ll be expected to do, easy! They asked if i had a portfolio that i wanted them to see…bugger i hadn’t thought of bringing one! Yup i know what you’re thinking ‘you went to a photography job interview without a portfolio? dumbass!’ but hear me out, there was no requirement to bring one also i thought that as i had no medical type stuff or anything relevant to the job to show them then i didn’t think it would be worth it, why would a hospital photographer want to see my awesome landscape shots or my amazing penguin?

So end of interview, everything seemed good, i felt really positive walking out, even gave a little smile to the next woman waiting to get interviewed…she looked like she was shitting herself haha!

I went home knowing that they probably had several more (highly qualified) people to interview that day, but i felt confident!

Moral of the story:

If anyone should ever tell you not to do something or not to apply for anything because you’re not good enough/not qualified enough/out of your league/there are better people out there, then completely ignore them! because later that afternoon i had a phone call from one of the interviewers offering me the job!

The only person that would have stopped me getting that job in the first place would have been my own worst enemy – myself.

So if i can impart any real wisdom to you kind folks it’s this…

Never doubt yourself, aim high, never settle for anything less and if it doesn’t work out? Pick yourself up and try again! Then keep going until you get what you want.

Now, i’m going to pick myself up too, to take myself off to the kitchen and make a fresh brew!




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