How’s your year been?

Hey folks,

Hope you all had a cracking New Year!

I see that a lot of folk are glad to see the back of 2016, apparently it’s been like ‘Game of Thrones’ with all the celebrity/famous deaths. I was completely devastated my Alan Rickman and David Bowie’s passing as they were my two favourite actors (i know David was a musician but i was never into his main music, i just loved his spell as the Goblin King! Yes i’m a Labyrinth fan leave me alone!). Then with Carrie Fisher passing just a few days ago well it seems 2016 was determined to take as many awesome folk away as possible 😦

However, as much as i loved Alan Rickman, be it as Metatron in Dogma, Snape in HP films,  Diehard, Galaxy Quest, etc and David Bowie in Labyrinth, i can accept death as a natural progression of life, it just sucked that it had to be in the same year!

So whilst 2016 was a bad year for a lot of folk, i have to reflect back on MY year and i have to say, it’s actually been a pretty awesome year for me!

To begin with, i saw the dawn of 2016 in what i can only describe as the most magical and incredible place on Earth, Antarctica! What a way to see in the New Year, onboard a ship surrounded by icebergs, penguins, snow, glaciers and to top it off some really cool people!

So 2016 started off good, i was deployed right through till April and in that time i travelled to New Zealand, South America and the Falklands, all fantastic experiences i can’t be more thankful for.

Returned to the UK in April, spent the last few months in Portsmouth, said goodbye to folk i had worked with for several years, was sad but excited for new things to begin.

Moved back up to Scotland, spent my birthday climbing Ben Nevis which was amazing!

In September i left the Navy after 13 years, strange mix of emotions form sad to excitement, as much as i loved the Navy (and still do!) it’s always good to move on, change, evolve yourself and try new things whilst you are still young enough to do so.

Now it is December, whilst i am living at home with the parents just now it’s not so bad, it allows me to save up all my money for a house i will definitely be getting in 2017, i have a job starting in January as well as my math course.

I also became a Godmother a few days ago! My best mate from the Navy asked me ages ago to be godmum to her son and of course how could i refuse an awesome request like that?

So all in all, 2016 wasn’t actually that a bad a year for me, my life has changed MASSIVELY!

My career, where i live and my new Godson, everything in my life has been changed in a way this year, the only thing that hasn’t changed…

My love for a good brew!




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